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Considering selling a home?  It’s safe to say that you would like to walk away with the most money possible!  By the time you are finished paying commissions, closing fees, and costly repairs you often are left we much less than your actual purchase price.  We’re the perfect solution! Our local acquisitions team is full funded and actively looking to buy condos, townhomes, & single family homes in all conditions and areas immediately. Within 24-hours one of our partners can provide you with a Simple Home Offer that can be closed within as little as 5 days and have funds wired directly into your bank account.

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We owned our investment property for years and reached a point when we were just over being landlords and dealing with tenants. Our last tenants left the place in bad condition with work needing to be done which we just didn’t want to do or invest the money in doing. After looking around at options, we came across the Simple Home Offer team and 8 days later were at the closing table getting our check!

Gwen & Daryl